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About Our Products

BowSheep is constantly creating and inventing the way we do bows and accessories. Each bow is handmade and considered a "specialty bow" meaning most of the designs we create are unique with our own special touch. Each bow is made with quality materials and we test them to make sure they stay in fine hair for babies and in hair for ladies. Our business consists of 3 designers with different perspectives and styles so that we can keep adding to our collection. We love custom orders as well! We've done flowergirl daisy hairbows (for a wedding) and christening bows to funky hardcore grenade bows in the past!

About Us

It's been an exciting adventure for us to start our own business! BowSheep is more than baby bows as you will soon find out. We have so many more products in the future that we are excited to launch and share with you! We're loving all the custom orders we've been getting as well!

We started out by meeting through a playgroup and started projects together making our daughters beautiful bows we could not find elsewhere. We realized that there was definitely a target market for our products- moms like us! And that's how BowSheep started. However, we've been happily surprised to find that other ladies have been loving and wearing our bows as well. Expect more products for different audiences in the future. Now here's a short bio of us~

This is Sarah. She's one cool mom and a serious runner. She takes care of her children at the same time working as a hair stylist. We heavily depend on her for our hair to look great at a moment's notice! She's very creative and can do anything once she puts her mind to it so you'd better stand back and not get in her way!

This is Hannah. She's worked all her life until she had her daughter (All our daughters are a month to two apart). Now she's a freelance Graphic Designer. She loves designing and works on whatever projects she can get her hands on with enough time. She loves video games and is definitely not a morning person!

This is Mallorie. She's so crafty and creative it's unbelievable. You won't find a sweeter person and she's wonderfully always willing to play hostess. Did I mention that she's a great cook? She is an Interior Decorator and her beautiful home proves it! She has ideas pouring our her ears for our business, which gets us all very excited!